L Liebich Inc is a full-service CPA accounting firm that provides reliable corporate accounting, business services, training, personal taxes, trust returns and tax planning.

Our primary strength is we build solid trusted relationships with our clients.

We simplify the accounting world by listening, teaching, and guiding you to be more confident and in control of your finances to help you make to make your best decisions for your situation.

Our goal is to create a relaxed environment of integrity and trust and peace of mind for our clients.

What You Can Expect When You Start?

We begin with an onboarding meeting to learn about your accounting needs and for you to get to know us. We help you establish priorities to manage your accounting needs. Then we set next steps and lead you through the process of managing the priorities.

Once we get going, we’ll be in touch frequently with questions and will follow up with reminders.

What You Can Expect?

You can expect to;

  • Talk to Lise or Don to help answer your questions
  • Not get billed for every contact or meeting
  • Secure file transfer protocols are available

Both Lise and Don are available to review your accounting needs, resolve outstanding issues, discuss new developments, and support you to stay on track with your specific goals. This is designed to bring leadership to create lasting results. To guide and support you to stay focused on building a solid financial foundation for your future!

Corporate Year End Financial Statements

We provide financial statements for our clients in a timely and accurate manner which is the cornerstone of our business. We deliver financial statements on two levels of assurance:

Compilations (Notice to Reader)
These statements are based on client-provided information. While no assurance is provided by us, these statements are accepted by Canada Revenue Agency and some banking institutions.

Lise’s role is to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your company’s efficiency and profitability.

Tax Services

By keeping current on the latest tax laws and legislation, Lise identifies key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. Lise will liaise on your behalf with various taxation authorities such as Canada Revenue Agency, Ministry of Finance, and WorkSafe BC.

Don’s supports your business with reminders of upcoming due dates for filing returns, tax installments and filing deadlines.

We Prepare and File The Following Returns:

Personal Tax Services

  • Personal Income Tax Returns (T-1)
  • Income Tax Elections
  • Estate Tax Returns

Sole Proprietor and Business Tax Services

  • T-2125 Self Employed Business Schedules
  • Corporate Financial Statements
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns (T-2)
  • WorkSafe BC Quarterly/Annual Report
  • Payroll Remittances
  • T-4, and T-5 Tax Slips
  • Registered Charity Information Return


Reliable Bookkeeping is based on accumulating, organizing, and maintaining source documents. Lise and Don will support you to set up systems designed to help you become better organized and efficient to maximize your business proficiency.  The team provides a full range of bookkeeping services for businesses looking to contract out their bookkeeping needs.


We provide payroll services utilizing accounting and tax software programs including:

  • Calculating gross wages
  • Printing paystubs
  • Calculating payroll taxes
  • Preparing CRA payroll remittance forms

We prepare and fileT-4 and T-5 tax slips with CRA and reconcile them to your payroll records.

You will receive assistance to implement controls and processes necessary to ensure a reliable, efficient, and effective payroll system.

Accounting System Set Up

Customized Accounting Systems

Lise and Don use their years of experience to help you design and set up your customized accounting system that is unique and specific to your business needs. They will help you save time, energy, and money whether you need to set up a new accounting system or become more efficient using the one you currently have. They work closely with you and your team in a tailored and structured process to meet your business needs. There commitment is to implement long-term consistent support to guide you to reach your business growth goals.

We support businesses in setting up accounting systems using QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and Excel.


QuickBooks-Bookkeeping Training

Lise and Don are passionate and focused on supporting clients to gain a clear and confident understanding of their accounting processes relating to their business. Whether it’s helping you get better organized, implementing a new accounting system or training your staff, they will guide you with their personalized training process. They will coach you to have better control of your financials and help you implement best practices so you can monitor and measure your business growth.