Accounting Services for Seniors

There are many diverse challenges that seniors face when handling their taxation, trust and estate needs.These situations can leave seniors, and at times their adult children, with the burden of added stress and difficulties.

Lise Liebich and Associates has recognized these needs and developed specialized services and support for seniors. We work hand-in-hand with you to relieve you of the tedious details,leave you in control and as involved as you choose to be.Our services are personal, honest, knowledgeable, responsive and timely as we listen, learn and lead. We listen and identify your needs; we learn what is important to you in achieving financial efficiency and lead by providing specific guidance and solutions.

Our services include:

Financial Statements & Tax Returns

  • Compile personal financial statements
  • Prepare income tax returns and schedules to optimize tax deductions and credits
  • Deal with CRA notices and correspondence
  • Optimize estimated tax payments
  • Throughout the year we address your questions and concerns
  • Keep you informed about changes that may affect you

Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Returns

  • Preparation of estate tax returns, estate and trust income tax returns, and gift tax returns
  • Executor/trustee assistance
  • Registered Charity Information Return

Monitoring of Income & Expenses

  • Track financial activities or investments
  • Create budgets to help monitor expenses (which is especially important for seniors concerned about fixed monthly income or outliving their assets)

Your Trusted Accountant

By hiring Lise Liebich and Associates, the family will have confidence that these matters are being handled in a professional and secure manner. The firm brings over 25years’ experience in public practice with a solid foundation in tax, audit and accounting.  As such, you can have the trusted assurance that yourfinancial efficiency (or the financial competence of your senior family member) is being managed appropriately.

We employ tax planning systems to help you to reduce your tax burdens to the minimum amount allowed by CRA. We provide a full range of tax services for corporations, partnerships, not-for-profit entities and individuals, as well as trusts and estates:

  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Provincial, Federal and international tax planning and compliance
  • Planning and structuring for complex business/personal transactions
  • Employment, property, sales, use and excise taxes
  • Tax planning for pension, benefit and incentive compensation plans
  • Assistance with tax-free exchanges of property

Tax laws can be complex. Our professionals keep current on tax rulings, accounting pronouncements, and local, provincial and federal government announcements that may impact your tax position. As new tax laws are enacted, we inform you of significant developments to allow any new tax savings opportunities to be considered in personal and business decisions.

Proactive tax planning is our goal to help seniors to structure transactions and financial affairs to achieve a favorable tax position.

Our estate and trust services are tailored to meet your specific needs, which may include:

  • Use of various tools, such as gifting programs, living trusts, family limited partnerships, residence trusts, and charitable trusts
  • Preparation of estate tax returns, estate and trust income tax returns, and gift tax returns

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