Seniors have peace of mind knowing you are safe with support from your accountant.

You can call us if you receive suspicious communications from anyone claiming to befrom the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

As a senior it is important to be vigilant when you receive, either by telephone, mail, text message or email, a fraudulent communication that claims to be from the CRA requesting personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number.

These scams may insist that your personal information is needed so that you can receive a refund or a benefit payment. Cases of fraudulent communication could also involve threatening or coercive language to scare you into paying fictitious debt to the CRA. Other communications urgeyou to visit a fake CRA website where you will be asked to verify your identity by entering personal information. These are scams and you need never respond to these fraudulent communications or click on any of the links provided.

For online mail CRA will send a registration confirmation email to the address you provided for online mail service for an individual or a business; andsend an email to the address you provided to notify you when new online mail is available to view in the CRA’s secure online services portal.

The CRA will not send an email with a link and ask you to divulge personal or financial information.

When in doubt, ask yourself the following:

  • Did I sign up to receive online mail through My Account, My Business Account, or Represent a Client?
  • Did I provide my email address on my income tax and benefit return to receive mail online?
  • Am I expecting more money from the CRA?
  • Does this sound too good to be true?
  • Is the requester asking for information I would not provide in my tax return?
  • Is the requester asking for information I know the CRA already has on file for me?

How to protect myself from identity theft?

  • Never provide personal information through the Internet or by email.
  • Keep your access codes, user ID, passwords, and PINs secret.
  • Keep your address current with all government departments and agencies.
  • Before supporting any charity, use the CRA website at to find out if the charity is registered and get more information on the way it does business.
  • Be careful before you click on links in any email you receive. Some criminals may be using a technique known as phishing to steal your personal information when you click on the link.
  • Protect your social insurance number. If an organization asks for your social insurance number, ask if it is legally required to collect it, and if not, offer other forms of ID.
  • Carry only the ID you need.
  • Do not write down any passwords or carry them with you.

THE CANADA REVENUE AGENCY WILL NEVER: Use aggressive languageĀ – Ask for prepaid credit cards – Threaten arrest or send police

Trusted Accounting Services for Seniors

There are many diverse challenges that seniors face when handling their taxation, trust and estate requirements.These situations can leave seniors, and at times their adult children, with the burden of added stress and difficulties.

Lise Liebich and Associates has recognized these needs and developed specialized services and support for seniors. We work hand-in-hand with you to relieve you of the tedious details, leave you in control and as involved as you choose to be.Our services are personal, honest, knowledgeable, responsive and timely as we listen, learn and lead. We listen and identify your needs; we learn what is important to you in achieving your financial efficiency and lead by providing specific guidance and solutions.

Our services include:

Financial Statements & Tax Returns

  • Compile personal financial statements
  • Prepare income tax returns and schedules to optimize tax deductions and credits
  • Deal with CRA notices and correspondence
  • Optimize estimated tax payments
  • Throughout the year we address your questions and concerns
  • Keep you informed about changes that may affect you

Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Returns

  • Preparation of estate tax returns, estate and trust income tax returns, and gift tax returns
  • Registered Charity Information Return

Banking & Bill Management

  • Deposit and process checks received
  • Balance check book and reconcile bank accounts

Monitoring of Income & Expenses

  • Track financial activities or investments
  • Create budgets to help monitor expenses (which is especially important for seniors concerned about fixed monthly income or outliving their assets)

Call us at 604-936-7838 or visit us at